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 “Everlight Group” Company Profile

Headquarter:  Everlight Biotech Co Ltd  (1982 set up)

Taiwan Subsidiaries:

  • Advance Biotechnology Co Ltd   (1985 set up)
  • Everlight Diagnostica Co Ltd       (2007 set up)
  • Rich Everlight Co Ltd                   (2015 set up)
  • Soteria Biotech Co Ltd                 (2016 set up)

Philippines Subsidiaries: 

  • TNC Everlight Bio-Technology
  • Scientific Biotech Specialties Inc
  • Diagnostika Pilipinas Inc
  • Labsolutions Inc

Everlight Biotech Co Ltd is a specialized diagnostic and medical importer/distributor in Taiwan market. Through 42 years of medical technology service and sales, we have earned a professional service leader both in both Clinical Diagnostics and Life Science Research fields.  

Core Value:

We possess medical registration ability to register Invitro Diagnostic Device (IVD) with Taiwan FDA (TFDA): We apply on behalf of many foreign suppliers obtain GMP/QSD Compliance Certificates and pass medical products registration, At present we have won 250 Medical Licenses approved by Taiwan FDA.

We have successfully established Everlight brand to gain customers loyalty and truth at all Taiwan leading hospitals, territories, municipal hospitals all over Taiwan for over 42 years long. 

We strengthen on business development and employee potential to increase revenue to grow year by year. We value employee training and education not only in personal behavior but also in Products acknowledge. “Responsibility”, “Competitiveness” and “Honor” are our motto we pursue to achieve.

We are always looking for innovative and advanced medical products to benefit more patients through our rich experienced medical scientific approach, workshops, and seminars with key of opinion leaders.

 Everlight Major Suppliers/brands:

l   One Lambda, Binding Site Group, A Thermo Fisher Scientific Brand

l   Tecan Group

l   DiaSorin / Luminex corporation

l    GSD / NovaTec

l   Elitech group

l   Immuno Concepts

l    HTZ

l   Medical Electronic Systems (MES)



Everlight Biotech Co Ltd

Established year: 1982

Address: 12F, No 369, Fude 3rd Road, Xizhi Dist. New Taipei City 221011, Taiwan

contact email:

Tel:  886-2-2695-7733 

Fax: 886-2-2692-4255


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